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Can you afford the cost of a physician vacancy?

Strong recruitment is essential for healthcare organizations. Without real numbers to prove the cost of a vacancy though, it can be difficult to get the recruiting resources you need.

This website will run the numbers for you.

Simply input your own recruitment data and the calculations will show cost by days to fill, by the number of searches conducted and by annual revenue lost.

National Averages

Sourced from AAPPR and AMN.


The national average for physician revenue, provided by 2023 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives.

130 days

The average time-to-fill for physician vacancies across all specialties, reported by AAPPR.

110 searches

The typical number of searches performed by an organization per year, reported by AAPPR.

Run the numbers

Don’t know your numbers? Don’t worry. We included , sourced from AAPPR and AMN, to get you started.

/ year
reduced time


Shaving just 6 days off your average search will generate $4,339,500 in additional revenue for your organization.

Calculation details

  1. $2,400,000 ÷ 365 days = $6,575 average net physician revenue per day
  2. 130 days average time-to-fill × (100% − 5%) improvement in time-to-fill = 124 days reduced time to fill
  3. 130 days average time-to-fill − 124 days reduced time-to-fill = 6 days, (a 6% reduction in time-to-fill)
  4. $6,575 average net physician revenue per day × 6 days in reduction in time-to-fill = $39,450 increase in net revenue per physician
  5. $39,450 increase in net revenue per physician × 110 searches performed per year = $4,339,500 increase in organizatonal net revenue

Get your results

You have the calculations in hand to prove the significant cost of a vacancy. Now, go to bat for a bigger budget!

Download this pdf with your calculations to continue the conversation at your organization.

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